Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 13th March 2017

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Monday 13th March 2017: 6.11pm. Link shared:

One of those big ol personally momentus days today. In the wee small hours last night shivering in Clara's bedroom as I'd stayed there working on the laptop after putting her to bed and it got cold, I finally delivered my Outcome library to Boost peer review. That library has taken me two years of my free time to write, and a never ending long tail of incredibly boring minute detail over the past four months or so to actually deliver the thing. My second big accomplishment today was submitting TMA 03 of my final Maths module, this one in Complex Analysis. They're getting pretty hard, and I've been banging away on that coursework for nearly two weeks now. But it's submitted, and for a very short time I can slightly relax. Indeed, Megan bought a bottle of prosecco to mini-celebrate tonight, very thoughtful of her.

I expect my unemployment will end this week, so I'll be back to earning again hopefully which will be great, nice as unemployment is, it's also very busy and in a weird way, being employed is less busy. I won't say who it is until the contract is signed, but it could become a multiple month highly paid gig. We like those sorts of contract :)

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