Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 7th March 2017

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Tuesday 7th March 2017: 4.40pm.

Marvel at my latest acquisition, the "squatty potty" available from Amazon UK for about £20 delivered. Allows one to comfortably assume the squatting position during use of Western toilets, thus allowing one to experience the daily ritual as if one were on an Eastern toilet!

I was drawn to buying this because in the house I intend to build some day, I was going to install squat toilets rather than sitting ones except probably in Megan's toilet. Why? Because they're better for you, easier to clean, double as showers and I think it'll be a cool feature which visitors to my house will never forget heh heh heh ... <cackle> ... and that really appeals to me for some reason. Anyway, for far less money one can enjoy the health benefits today of squatting with a squatty potty, plus they are very handy for small children like mine to use as well. Plus it tucks away under the toilet for those not wanting to use it nicely, see third picture.
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