Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 19th January 2017

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Thursday 19th January 2017: 10.52am.

Finally here are some normal, non thermal pictures of the Galway passive house. The first shows the thickness of the walls, I make them about a foot and a half. Next two show the roof space as that's very much what I'm thinking of for storage and maybe a home office. For the next three the funny looking box on the couch is actually a segment of the external wall with the inside on the left and the outside facing the elements on the right, so you might pick out a thick plastic sheet just after the white left most layer and before the insulation layer. Then comes a black layer which is of a soft stuff (I don't know what material), then a gap and the outer rain shield. The gap is actually open to the outside at the bottom and top, it's to ventilate the wood and the insulation because unlike with block and mortar houses, you can't let wood get damp for too long. After that comes some cut outs from the floor insulation, it's basically lots of polystyrene with concrete and then more polystyrene, nearly two feet of it I would reckon. I've then got some pictures of the outside, and I end with a cross section of the triple glazed windows.
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