Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 18th January 2017

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Wednesday 18th January 2017: 8.54am. Today we as a family are off to Galway and Limerick as the final part of my birthday celebrations. We'll be going to see another passive house, but this one is made from a "system build" of prefabricated timber frame components a bit like a giant LEGO set where each block is 1.2m wide. That makes it affordable to people like me unlike most passive houses, but comes with the cost that your house is not going to have much variation in design (which suits me actually for the outside, I'm much more concerned about customising the inside which is the bit which in my mind actually matters most).

After we've looked at the house, we'll return through Limerick which is on the way and stop off at that nice sushi place we've been to quite a few times before now. Expensive but very tasty, and we know it copes well with young children. Looking forward to today, it's so rare anymore we get to do something as a family.

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