Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 16th January 2017

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Monday 16th January 2017: 1.50am.

We've wondered for a long time why our hallway is so baltic cold all the time, and while we suspected something was up with our front door given you can feel the cold air falling off it, the below shows that something very weird is going on with the double glazing on the front door and window where the glass panes are markedly colder than the frames. As I showed in the earlier photo, it's usually the other way round, so what is going on here I don't understand. I figure it's possible they didn't IR coat this glass and maybe the seals have broken losing the argon gas fill, but even still the maths doesn't add up. I suppose it's conceivable that the frames here are insulated, but if they are, they don't feel very warm. Anyway all that blue shows where our hallway heat is going, straight out of the building!
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