Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 9th November 2016

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Wednesday 9th November 2016: 8.30am. So Trump has won. Just like with Brexit, the Western ruling elite better start waking up and putting realistic numbers of bankers from the 2009 crash in handcuffs and into prison for twenty years and recovering the money they systemically stole from retail users. The top 1% also need to start thinking about paying 2-5% of their total wealth over every year and bringing in 70% income tax rates to severely narrow the inequality gap between rich and poor. Else expect the populace to carry on getting even angrier, and far worse elected.

The sad part is that Trump + the Republicans won't implement any of that of course, in fact they'll slash taxes for the rich and collapse the world trade flows which keep essentials cheap for poor families, thus greatly increasing inequality. The chances are good there will be a bond run on US Treasuries within two years or so, same as has already begun on Sterling, so interest rates will need to rise to head off inflation, thus collapsing the economy and the housing market again and giving us another 2009 economic collapse. That will set the stage for far, far worse to get into power than Trump.

All I can say is yay. Well done world ruling class. You are doing such a great job recently. You deserve everything that happens to you when the axe falls. So pull the finger out already, and start acting to save yourselves. Those guilty of the 2009 crash need to be actually punished and visibly so. Income inequality needs to be dealt with. Get on with it

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