Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 6th November 2016

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Sunday 6th November 2016: 2.03am. Just watched the new documentary from Adam Curtis "HyperNormalisation" which has proven to be a highly depressing study of the last thirty years of changes in world power dynamics leading to the current mass disenfranchisement with the status quo, thus leading to all sorts of acting out by the herd such as suicide bombings, hiding away in Facebook, electing Reagan and handing ever increasing real power to unaccountable automated surveillance and databases, the most obvious of which recently was the financial collapse which far worse clearly coming soon. As with all his documentaries, they tell a reasonably compelling if drastically simplified story joining up many disparate facts, and this one was one of the better though not the best of his work. It is however very contemporary, it also fits the story of Donald Trump into its three hours where he comes off as quite the visionary by the end. Anyway you should find a full copy easily on YouTube, as with all Curtis documentaries the BBC are not trying hard to suppress pirated distribution.

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