Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 5th October 2016

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Wednesday 5th October 2016: 5.44pm. Google has just announced its Pixel and Pixel XL phones to replace the Nexus series. Looks like they didn't learn from the way overpriced Nexus 6 fiasco where they couldn't shift any units until they lopped €250 off the price: €869 for the Pixel 128Gb and a whole €1009 for the Pixel XL 128Gb! Pardon the expletive, but they can fuck right off with that sort of pricing when a brand new 2015 Nexus 6P 64Gb is going for €450 and is barely lower specced to the Pixel XL, certainly in no way you'll ever notice. Sigh. Looks like the affordable Nexus line is over for us all, I guess we'll all have to move to some AOSP enthusiast firmware on two generation out of date Pixel phones off eBay in order to keep receiving timely updates on phones with a reasonable battery life left in them. It was nice while the Nexus line lasted in fairness. RIP Nexus.

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