Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 26th April 2016

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Tuesday 26th April 2016: 7.06am. Just slept continuously for twelve hours, as did Clara too actually! Obviously was more tired after the ACCU conference than I realised. Last night took Clara for a walk in the evening sunshine, but she wanted to be carried earlier than usual and began to fall asleep on my shoulder on the way home, so I took her straight up to bed and we both fell asleep before 8pm. We both just woke up there just now, she gasping "water" so I handed her a glass of water and she downed it - one failing of sleeping next to me I suppose, it must have been quite warm. Anyway, definitely feeling a lot better than yesterday, got 10,000 unread emails since Christmas to clear this week, I'm aiming to clear 1000 per morning before work.

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