Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 23rd April 2016

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Saturday 23rd April 2016: 1.20am.

Ever wondered what would happen if the Predator landed in medieval England and took on some Knights Templar? Well, fan made film has you covered, and this particular one has as good production values as I've seen in fan made films, albeit the story is a direct rip from the first Predator movie almost down to the sequence and timing. Fan made Star Trek tends to get the big crowd funding values like the million dollars that went to Axnar, but to be honest it's possible to do commercial grade production on tiny fractions of that. I'm told the linked Predator video cost about $10,000, about half that of Star Trek Horizons which itself was a very cheap production compared to say a Star Trek Continues episode. Star Trek fan film is expensive because of the props and CGI, drop that and your buck stretches far further.
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