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Sunday 17th April 2016: 1.25am.

For a star trek fan film directed, written, acted and scored by one person who also did all the special effects and sowed the costumes, not bad at all, and vastly better than most fan film. Obviously all the sets were done by CGI given the budget, and the acting, production and audio were a bit uneven. Script was a tad hollow, but better than average. Many other commentators have compared the cinematic style to Battlestar Galactica, but it's very obviously a style homage to Mass Effect (which is not at all a bad thing) which I suppose was in turn influenced by Galactica. You will be frequently reminded of Mass Effect throughout, partly due to the computer graphics, but also camera angles, camera bloom, over saturation, stilted emotional scenes, flashback from artefact scenes, rapid (artificial) switches of focus between layers, use of stylised montage etc, much of which - like in Mass Effect - is there to distract you from noticing the gaping quality difference between principle actors and the background, and for the most part - as with Mass Effect - he pulled it off well. Another thing he really did well was audio, excellent background music throughout, reverb applied well and only very occasionally did the audio sound like a fan film, which is very unusual, it's usually their biggest weak point.

It's not up to Star Trek Continues in terms of overall quality. But it was achieved on a fraction of the budget and manpower. And it's very pretty, in the same way Mass Effect 2 was, there are moments where your eyes hurt from the prettiness. "Star Trek: Horizon" is highly recommended.
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