Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 1st April 2016

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Friday 1st April 2016: 7.36pm.

Back to the whiskey shop to finish working my way through Irish whiskey startup Teeling's range. Have had the small batch (rum finish), 15 year old, 21 year old, 23 year old and 26 year old. Which are: great for the budget price; good if a bit tasteless; spectacularly outstandingly superb as good as any whiskey I have ever drink; not bad, a better Abunach, but costing twice as much; very good, but overpriced for what it is. I'm probably done with the Teeling's now, though another of the 21 year old is very tempting. It didn't win across the board at last year's international whiskey awards without very good reason.
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