Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 30th March 2016

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Wednesday 30th March 2016: 6.24pm. Location: 90-92 New St.

I promised a photo of the Killarney Irish whiskey bar, here it is. Over 200 whiskeys to sample, many very rare Irish ones some costing 150 euro a shot and over. Drank the whiskey which won all the international whiskey awards last year the 21 year old Teeling which is as good as its reputation - sadly no longer possible to buy, but they have exactly one bottle at about 20 euro per shot which is worth it. Tried the 15 year old Teeling, nice whiskey obviously nothing close to the 21 year old. Looking forward to trying the 23 year old, a very different whiskey to the 21 year old, before I head home.
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