Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 3rd January 2016

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Sunday 3rd January 2016: 9.52pm. Location: Drommahane.

Second to last of this year's Christmas fortified wines, this is the sweetest of the booze this year, that staple of old grannies "A Winter's Tale" which is one of the big three most popular sherries in the British Isles. Despite claiming to be medium sweet, it's as sweet as a tawny port and definitely too sweet for me, but at least it does have some taste and structure to it, and it's better than the typical syrup sherry you'd find in a pub. I personally find it somewhat better than the Barbadillo, though neither this nor the Barbadillo are in the same league as the Oloroso, the Palo Cortado nor especially the Sercial Madeira.
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