Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 2nd January 2016

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Saturday 2nd January 2016: 9.45pm. Location: Dromahane.

Another of the Christmas booze this year, this is an exceptionally dry oloroso sherry. Its dark brown color doesn't come from sweetening as is usual for dark sherries, no this color is from being in a barrel for a very long time. It tastes like a much more complex dry sherry and is so dry it feels like it is sucking the moisture from your mouth, so a definite astringent quality. It strongly reminds you of the edge taste of whiskey because it is these barrels which are used to mature Irish and Scottish whiskey after their life maturing sherry. I'll admit this is too dry for me personally, as much as I prefer unsweetened alcohol this is a bit too dry even for me. A unique sherry experience though, this is very very far from the "sherry" served in pubs and restaurants.
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