Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 25th November 2015

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Wednesday 25th November 2015: 1.28pm. Location: Specsavers Opticians Mallow.

This morning our first income since July landed in my accounts (no thanks to the Social Welfare whom did not pay out a jot despite us having no income and me looking actively for work - which was disappointing of them, to put it mildly). Total income this month alone is slightly more than half our total annual expenditure as a family, so by the end of this year we can stay alive - without the Social Welfare - until June next year. Two months after that we can stay alive until May 2017, and by the end of April we have funding until 2018, though I suspect we'll swap six months of living costs for a newer car instead. Really can't complain ... our thanks to the friends and family who loaned us money and gave us free stuff to keep us going, and to anyone we owe money it should be repaid by Friday!

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