Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 14th October 2015

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Wednesday 14th October 2015: 9.28am. The Irish Budget 2016 (announced yesterday) is very, very good for me and Megan - I reckon we'll be €2,300 richer in 2016 assuming the same annual income. The 2016 tax cuts are particularly friendly to self employed entrepreneurial families with children i.e. us, hence the disproportionate tax cut for us. Let me put this another way: our tax bill shrinks by 6% next year which will add a good 5% to our post-tax post-expenses income, I think we will notice such a difference.

Retired people got almost nothing this budget for once - they are used to getting never ending giveaways as the largest single voting block (as is the case in most western countries nowadays), and they are well annoyed with this budget. For me it's long overdue that a government is sensible and directs resources to those whom are economically productive rather than constantly reallocating away from those who work and have young children to those who don't, but enough said on that.

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