Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 27th September 2015

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Sunday 27th September 2015: 12.10pm. Location: Heathrow Airport.

I see it's 15 hours after my last post in Seattle Tacoma airport! Currently waiting in Heathrow for my final leg to Cork. Very much want to sleep, I've been awake almost exactly 24 hours now and after food it's very difficult not to curl up somewhere. Next year definitely paying the extra for the direct flights, going via Dallas simply adds four hours for no good reason. Plus they make you run between terminals because they give you almost no time to transfer in Dallas :(

It was my first time to Texas actually. Seemed a lot richer from the air than I had previously imagined. Perhaps the mid west and Los Angeles are the only two bits of America which are deprived? Seattle is certainly very wealthy, you keep finding people playing harps and pianos as you wander around shopping malls. And no, they're not busking, they actually work there ... Seattle is very wealthy. It reminded me a lot of Waterloo in Ontario, except even richer and with even bigger posher shops and even more pretension. And much, much prettier, not Aspen pretty, but close.

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