Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 18th September 2015

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Friday 18th September 2015: 1.27pm. Link shared:

Just signed a 12 month remote working contract with Digital Theatre Systems for work on an audio C++ library I can't talk about which is to be used in an exciting consumer product range I can't mention. As much as I am loving the 60% pay increase over working on open source projects, I do find the secrecy unfortunate, though understandable given the very fast moving competitive nature of this particular market. I suspect the inability to use any open source software and being forced to reinvent Boost in local use cases will annoy me though in the long term, even though that is usual for anyone working in closed source and I suppose in the end it's all hay when you're on a day rate. Still, very very pleased to be starting to earn again after not earning since mid-July - bad time of the year to be without a contract is August, especially with the crappy weather we had this year :( My thanks to the recruiters QPTech in Limerick for putting it all together, Ireland's IT contracting industry is beginning to have the glimmers of what it once was back during the go-go years pre-2009. And thank god for that!

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