Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 20th May 2015

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Wednesday 20th May 2015: 11.10am. Link shared:

I'm sure you all remember I've been living mostly off of Joylent last few months. Thought I'd try another European near alternative to Soylent, Queal, which I just tried there for breakfast for the first time. As a quick summary: it's not as good. Much more watery and sweet than Joylent which is surprising as it's mainly the same ingredients, except with more whey instead of flaxseed. However, it doesn't cause the slightly uncomfortable heart rate jump like after drinking Joylent, so that's a bonus. I still haven't figured out the cause of the heart rate jump, it seems to only occur in a minority of people and the best guess is it's a reaction to the Potassium mixed with Maltodextrin somehow, yet both of those are in Queal too, so I don't know if that's the cause for me :(.

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