Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 23rd March 2015

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Monday 23rd March 2015: 12.24am. Cloud node hanged itself again today, this being the second time this week :(. This was after me doing a lot of work removing anything which could be the cause the previous two times. I thought back to when all this began happening and realised it was about when I upgraded to FreeNAS 9.3 for the ZFS store. Which adds NFSv4 support. Which could be why the hangs are very likely to occur during the weekly (Sunday) backup of all the VMs. So, just spent the last three hours stripping out all mention of NFS anywhere on the VMs on the cloud node, replacing them with Samba mounts which as usual are a pain in the ass to get the security working for, but I think it's done now and it all appears to be working. Let's see if stability returns, because every time the node hangs it costs me a minimum of an hour and more usually several, and I'd really rather do other things than fret about catastrophic data loss twice a week :(

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