Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 5th February 2015

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Thursday 5th February 2015: 12.26am. Location: Dromahane.

Replaced the under counter lighting which had blown a bulb yet again with this snazzy LED kit off Amazon. Consumes just 12w versus the fifty something of the old tube bulb one so I no longer will be annoyed when Megan leaves it turned on all the time. Note the remote control brightness adjustment, there are actually several "party" flashing modes too which vary between slow fade in and out or a strobe (speed is adjustable). Very pleased with it, though with an additional inline 12v converter it was the guts of 40 sterling, so fairly pricey. We justified it by new under counter lights costing 15 euro each from B&Q, and they never use the same plug as your existing ones nor do the spare bulbs ever fit. And I'm changing them easily once a year. I'm hoping this LED set will give us several years of service, and no more repairs for me to do! Anyway I've included a photo of the box for anyone interested or wanting one themselves.
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