Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 26th January 2015

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Monday 26th January 2015: 12.20am. Link shared:

Pledged my first ever Kickstarter, a whole US$75!, to the hobbyists at Star Trek Continues, who make in their spare time eerily authentic additional episodes to the original 1960s Star Trek ( Lighting, sets, dialogue, mini skirt uniforms and 1960s crazy stories are all very close to the originals. Acting isn't bad, especially amongst the principals, I think the only major deviation is the audio quality where the use of modern sound equipment is very obvious, plus occasionally the set creaks noticeably and they missed it during post production audio filtering. Anyway if you're into classic trek (I never much cared for anything trek after the first season of TNG), you'll definitely want to watch the three episodes they've made with the last Kickstarter at I challenge you to not be impressed by the end of the second episode - and I challenge you not to be also pledging Kickstarter funding after you've watched the third episode!

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