Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 18th January 2015

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Sunday 18th January 2015: 12.32am. Location: Dromahane.

My very clever fiancé found this beer whilst in the States - it's one of my favorites from our time in Canada, a spiced Quebecois triple fermented ale, which unlike what the mediocre stuff Americans call "Belgian style", I think any Belgian brewery would be proud to call this their own. And it's called La Fin Du Monde for a good reason ... anyway we drank a lot of this, and other Quebecois crazy beers during our time in Canada. And the excellent Ontario wine of course. Canada is underappreciated for its fermentations I think, this Christmas was my very first to Megan's home town where the stores actually had decent beer, actually some very decent beer. Until this year the very best you could could find which wasn't piss was Blue Moon which is not bad. Anyway, happy belated birthday celebrations to me, sickness disqualified me from earlier this week.
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