Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 9th January 2015

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Friday 9th January 2015: 11.44pm. Link shared:

Just dropped €500 all inclusive on a new 40" Samsung UE40H6470 television, which oddly enough is only the second TV I have ever bought in my life. The 6470 is essentially a 6400 with additional satellite and cable tuners and it's a Central European model, and therefore for some reason €150-250 cheaper than the closest UK/Irish equivalent which is the 6500 despite being better specced. In theory with the smart TV stuff it's also a PVR for Freesat and Saorview once you add an external USB hard drive (I have several spare!), and that will finally hopefully please Megan who has long complained about the lack of working TV! The 6400 F series was the biggest selling individual model series of TV in 2013, I guess we don't have the stats for 2014 yet but everyone seems to expect it'll be the same for the 2014 H6400 series. The general consensus seems to be that this particular model series is a big reason why Samsung is the world's most popular TV manufacturer, see the link I've attached. Let's hope their somewhat inflated prices (a good 25% more for the same spec compared to say a LG) pay off with a trouble and problem free experience, I have little appetite for fiddling with a subtly broken product! The only bad news with this I suppose I'll have to start paying the TV licence now :(

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