Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 7th December 2014

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Sunday 7th December 2014: 11.56pm. Just paid €351 to Allianz for next year's car insurance for me and Megan, fully comp, full NCD protect (60% discount!), can drive any car, but no windscreen, no breakdown, no personal insurance and an excess of €500 on a 14 year old car barely worth €1000. It came down to between AIG and Allianz who were about equal price wise, but AIG required you to install their app on your phone and always take it with you when driving. That put me right off AIG ... my phone is slow and laggy enough with some crappy buggy motion tracking app sucking down my battery life still more :( BTW, highest quote was FBD at €569, Aviva €480, Liberty €444, AXA €429, RSA €401, and the lowest possible insurance in Ireland this year for TPFT is €280, so €71 above the absolute minimum is I think is okay.

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