Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 3rd October 2014

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Friday 3rd October 2014: 11.39am. Ended up awake until 4am last night despite it being a work day today. Yeah that hole I cut for the video card, it was actually too small ... And of course it took some hours to rebuild the computer (which is also my development workstation) because all the cable routing had changed very significantly with me fashioning an 8 pin power connector for the card out of a 6 pin and two ATA connectors (so tons and tons of new wiring), and it's not like the Antec Solo (the model of case) is spacious because it is most definitely not. Getting everything to fit was a challenge ... And then when I booted it up the memory refused to go faster than 1333 (it's supposed to be 1600) because it is obviously upset about the extra 8Gb of RAM I added. So I manually overrode the memory speeds and timings and left it running memtest for the night. I'm not overclocking, so it should be fine, but memory compatibility can be annoying. Anyway, note to self, don't cut holes in your work machine if you want to work the next day!

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