Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 15th September 2014

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Monday 15th September 2014: 3.59pm. Been struggling to get my brain into gear to write out the spec for my contract renewal which would be for a reliable messaging library extending Boost.ASIO, as it's my last week of the existing contract and I need to come up with some unified document coalescing an awful lot of disparate feedback, most of which is from people all coming from totally different angles and assumptions. Probably the lack of brain gearing is partially due to not sleeping well last night, I took eleven hours of badly needed sleep Saturday night and while that always makes Sunday great, it doesn't help sleeping well on Sunday night! Anyway, rather than struggle on ineffectively staring at blank Word documents I'm giving up on that for today and will instead end work early and head to my father's to load up the car with firewood. Might as well be productive in other ways, plus I assume the labour may help deeper sleep tonight.

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