Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 3rd September 2014

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Wednesday 3rd September 2014: 11.00pm. Just spent the past 90 minutes mostly fishing through our bin for a part out of the coffee grinder I was disassembling which fell in there. Real nasty. After nearly gacking, decided I could fake the part using cardboard instead. Speaking of which, I am not feeling love towards coffee grinders right now, our one is an expensive fully automatic Breville Smart which cost me three hundred dollars factory refurbished second hand back when I had money in Canada. We've got about eighteen months out of it and now it clicks loudly because it has become very sensitive to actually grinding some beans, which probably means I need a new one soon.  Thing is, good grinders are expensive, a Rancilio Rocky is costing £260 on Amazon, even a low end Baratza Virtuoso is a stonking £210 in the UK which is annoying when it's less than US$170 in the US. Oh well, I guess I'll keep searching second hand so ...

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