Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 7th August 2014

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Thursday 7th August 2014: 12.15am. Given all the changes I did Monday and Tuesday when trying to improve internet stability, I finally bit the bullet and rewired the house's network tonight, with it now being 1am and rather later than I expected. Gone is most of the reliance on Homeplug AVs which while they are great and renter friendly, I had a mixed AV1 and AV2 network and that didn't let the AV2's superiority shine e.g. whenever the oven's fan clicked off, the network would drop out, something the AV1s are known for, plus of course each Homeplug costs 6w each 24/7 which is €10/year each, or a third of their investment cost in running costs. I have restored my cloud node as the central router and web page filter which hopefully should stop Megan catching viruses on certain tv websites she likes, and I moved the telephone into my fully hard wired office where it is plugged into a newly restored Apple Airport Extreme which has a much superior Wifi throw range compared to crappy ISP routers, so that should fix the loss of Wifi my phone gets my side of the bed. Unlike Monday and Tuesday, I got a lot done today ... and am feeling quite tired for it. Tomorrow night we drive to Dublin to collect people from the airport for Clara's Christening, so I'll only get in just a few hours of work tomorrow after a week of not much sleep either. It hasn't been a week of positive cashflow this either! :(

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