Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 20th July 2014

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Sunday 20th July 2014: 1.20am.

Shortly forthcoming Boost v1.56 is the first source code modularised Boost to be released, and the breakages it has imposed on proposed Boost.AFIO meant I had to throw out the old CI and start from scratch. Below is the new CI test matrix dashboard for AFIO, so far I only have build working, testing is still some way off. Even just to reach building everything including docs and PDFs correctly has taken several weeks of after work time, there was an enormous amount of breakage to work around - quite a lot of Boost is broken in subtle ways too. I also wanted to automate the CI automatically testing new Boost releases from now on, and to unify the per-platform test scripts into unified portable and modular ones. Also, as you'll note, we'll now be regularly testing on ARM and modern MSVCs in preparation for dropping VS2010 support next year - Boost v1.56 beta 1 is currently broken on ARM, hence the result. Oh and it's broken on VS2010 in C++0x mode too. As I mentioned, a lot of breakage in this Boost release :(

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