Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 9th June 2014

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Monday 9th June 2014: 7.07pm. My graph algorithms written exam with the Open University is tomorrow at 2.30pm in Limerick. It's been a valuable course and definitely worth doing, but after doing three past papers I realise there are entire sections I really couldn't be bothered with (electrical graphs and kinematic graphs in particular, I have neither the interest nor the ability). If tomorrow I strike unlucky and my choice of questions forces an electrical, a kinematic and a polygonal animal question, I will be quite literally failing the exam. The chances of that are extremely low though judging from the past papers, usually there is one of those but there is a choice. That said, I'm not massively competent on Balanced Incomplete Block Designs, if they vary slightly off the beaten track I'll be scuppered :( Anyway, I know from my last OU exam you run out of time long before you have a chance of completing the paper (hey, I'm old), so my goal is to complete 75% of the paper in the three hours and this time don't attempt everything, but be ready to skip anything more than slightly hard and move on to greener pastures. Oh, and tomorrow I'll be bringing a clock, the last exam I had no idea what time it was, and it didn't help.

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