Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 28th April 2014

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Monday 28th April 2014: 5.16pm. Just paid $1,566 canadian dollars to the Canadian tax man for my 2013 tax return to pay for the pleasure of being laid off. It was a royal pain in the hole to get that tax return completed - I was missing important documents, which had to get rushed to Megan's parents so they could scan them to me; I was capped at how much moving expenses I could deduct to my Irish 2013 earnings, which were virtually nil, turning my expected refund into a large bill; online submission refused to work, so it was a rush job to the post office today with printed copies which weigh in a 36 pages each (one for me, another for Megan), coupled with a direct bank transfer all of which had to be set up because the Canadian revenue agency make it surprisingly hard to pay taxes - forget about using a credit or debit card, for example. Still, it's done now, and another annoying distraction from earning money and C++ Now has been eliminated finally.

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