Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 12th April 2014

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Saturday 12th April 2014: 12.00pm. Location: Dromahane.

Last night finally got all our content and media back online, it was offline for just twelve days after the old motherboard failed. A nasty surprise last night was just before my "early night" so I can do maths homework all this weekend was that the ZFS pool corrupted itself and kernel panicked FreeBSD on boot, seriously not good, and so was up till 4am fixing it. The cause was probably because I had to move to 32 bit BSD, which is because the ancient KVM virtualization on this machine won't boot a 64 bit BSD on Haswell CPUs (yeah go figure), and I can't upgrade the KVM because it's the last version working properly with OpenVZ virtualization. Sigh. It's never easy is it? Anyway now the way is clear to do nothing but maths homework this week, I am quite screwed if I am not caught up fully by Monday given the C++ Now conference in only a few weeks time. Been so overworked these last few weeks. Just a few more weeks to go.

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