Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 7th April 2014

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Monday 7th April 2014: 2.45am. Location: Dromahane.

As you can tell by the very late hour, been burning the candle at both ends last two weekends. Just finished converting over my ancient workhorse Atom netbook which has served me so well since 2008 to that ex-corporate Dell I got off eBay some weeks ago - yes, it has taken me weeks to get round to the conversion :( The only other to do item I achieved was to start my Canadian tax return so I'd have some idea how much I owe them - it'll be more than a grand which sucks, due to BlackBerry claiming I got over 100k off them last year which makes no sense seeing as they fired me in August. So next weekend definitely need to go through my bank records and see if the numbers add up. The really big item I did NOT get round to is OU maths coursework - I'm now three weeks behind, and given my workload between now and the C++ Now conference next month (I am unofficially keynoting the final day, so I need an academic paper + semi coherent material to present), god knows where I'm going to find the time. Bleh! Sleep!

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