Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 22nd March 2014

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Saturday 22nd March 2014: 7.19pm.

It's the weekend, so been trying to get through my list of todos, or at least the ones possible whilst holding a laptop above a sleeping newborn (ouch my wrists!). I got round to hooking up the house power monitor (an inexpensive Owl CM160) to my cloud node, and witness below the pretty web gui which is thanks to this open source project You can clearly tell when we got our stuff from Canada last week and the cloud node started being on 24/7: that doubled our baseload from 100w to 200w, costing me an extra €0.48 per day. Last Tuesday I went back to work and had to start sitting in my rather cold north facing office where I need to keep an electric heater on: daily electricity usage jumped from 8kWh per day to 14kWh which is costing me €1.20 extra per day! You can see this in the hourly chart for the 19th March - I clearly started work around 10am with the oven going on for dinner around 8pm. Anyway, the cloud will now log our house power usage every six seconds from now on - nice!
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