Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 12th March 2014

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Wednesday 12th March 2014: 10.26pm. Got my third lot of OU graph algorithms coursework submitted today, and only in the nick of time. Man, kinda feel a bit run off my feet recently ... in some ways, being woken up by Clara is great for productivity, but it feels like my todo list has swollen massively recently.

Our stuff turns up from Canada on Friday at long long last - we last saw it before Christmas! With that, I finally get back my cloud node and dev workstation, so I've been experimenting with ways of clearing that noxious smell from the front room of our rented house where I assume I'll be spending a lot of my next few months. I got the landlord to pay for a Rug Doctor on it already, and in fairness that machine did lift the worst of the smell along with an amazing amount of dirt, but it's still there enough to bother me. Right now I have a bowl of activated charcoal in there to see what happens, but if that fails I'm going to have to get an air purifier with at least a HEPA filter to suck the smell from the air in that room.

I may finally be working again soon - some piece work may be turning up, but until I see money you can never be sure. Next major task is surely my academic paper for the conference, it's only two months away now. Phew! Tired!

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