Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 29th January 2014

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Wednesday 29th January 2014: 3.25am. Took quite some hours of fiddling, but now have our Irish landline-over-IP configured and working well for €2.93/month line rental. Why bother with a landline in this day and age you might ask? Well, ringing an Irish mobile phone costs just 1.75 euro cent per minute (versus 35 euro cent per minute from my mobile), or ringing a UK mobile phone just 1.2 euro cent per minute (versus also 35 euro cent per minute from my mobile, which is actually cheap as most Irish mobile providers charge 50c/minute for the UK). Also, I'm shortly about to switch my mobile to Tesco Mobile as they have the cheapest mobile data in Ireland (1Gb for €5/month), but the cost is a terrible coverage here in Mallow such that you can forget about the phone having signal whilst inside the house, so I needed some way for people to ring me not on my mobile. Anyway, feeling pretty pleased with the pricing, it took an age of searching to find the right providers with the right balance of cost versus quality.

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