Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 23rd December 2013

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Monday 23rd December 2013: 6.30pm. Location: Ambler Airport Hotel. Link shared:!/gta/flight-delays-at-pearson-airport-cause-headaches/b7698242ebd095ee085bc4a0f5404697

A news item about the cancellations at Pearson yesterday, a lot of misery. For us it wasn't as bad as it was for many as we didn't experience the super long queues taking hours each, and we got a hotel earlier than most so we grabbed an available room (even though it's a smoking room, so it stinks). And we found a replacement flight via Heathrow to Cork on Christmas Eve, something most other Irish on our flight did not. So while not ideal, it could be so much more worse! And the more than twelve hours of sleep we just got has helped a lot too, it's much easier to deal with stress when rested. Anyway my best wishes to our fellow stranded travelers, hope it isn't too bad for you either.

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