Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 21st December 2013

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Saturday 21st December 2013: 11.59pm. Location: BEST WESTERN PLUS Travel Hotel Toronto Airport.

Due to an incoming ice storm, had to move out from our rented flat in Waterloo a day early to miss the storm, otherwise we risked not making it to Toronto airport on Sunday morning and getting tapped two grand for new flights to Ireland. Hence staying at a hotel next to the airport tonight, our last night in Canada. I'm currently in its attached restaurant having a beer which is much more upscale than I expected, looks real nice and the menu is great too. The hurried move out was a pain, had to get a day's worth of cleaning done in half a day and we didn't get absolutely everything done sadly, but we came close at the cost of expending a lot of nervous energy - I don't think I've ever cleaned two bathrooms so quickly in my life before, and normally I'm fairly squeamish of toilets, but today I was into both of them no gloves with vigour! Anyway we crashed upon reaching the airport (the taxi wouldn't do the airport price to anywhere but the airport), and it was a real effort to arrange the shuttle to the airport what with the Christmas carolers and our exhaustion! Very much looking forward to sleep tonight, haven't seen more than four to six hours of sleep any night this past week plus I seem to have gained a chest infection from being so run down. Pizza at this restaurant once Megan wakes from her nap, then sleep!

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