Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 20th December 2013

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Friday 20th December 2013: 4.24am. Location: Verses.

Last fine meal in Canada! This is Verses Restaurant, the most expensive restaurant in the Kitchener Waterloo region where all the local super rich eat (the new CEO of BlackBerry John Chen was there, as were senior executives from Sun Life etc). And unlike most expensive restaurants, Verses does have the most consistently excellent food in this region, and KW does (unusually for its size) have five world class food restaurants (in our opinion) so fair enough about the pricing. Anyway the setting in a former church is spectacular (see below), and for $190 for two people no alcohol you can see some of the dishes below: starters were rabbit pastry and quail stuffed with goose sausage, mains were camel and lobster trio, desserts were molten pumpkin and brioche bread pudding. All of which was very good with no misses, but I would say the lobster trio was spectacular, while the molten pumpkin was the most original and unusual, and something I've never seen before despite eating at quite a few Michelin starred restaurants over the years. Anyway a nice way to cap off our time in Canada and being able to afford such fancy meals so regularly which won't be the case in Ireland. Tomorrow we sell our car!
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