Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 3rd December 2013

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Tuesday 3rd December 2013: 1.30am. Location: Waterloo, Ontario.

Into our last three weeks in North America so I'm breaking my many month fast from alcohol in order to sample some of the best alcohol of Canada before we leave. Below are three beers made by the famous Chambly brewery of Quebec. I bought these at some expense as my favourite Canadian beer is "La Fin Du Monde", which as its name suggests, is hard to consume more than three pints of and stay standing, but is also very tasty and in my opinion beats most Belgian Trappist beers which is saying something. In the photo you'll see the other two from the same brewery I haven't tried yet, Blanche De Chambly and Trois Pistoles the latter of which is also supposed to knock you for six. I just tried the Blanche De Chambly right now and it's a very good Belgian Blonde style beer. Looking forward to Trois Pistoles later, supposedly it's almost a stout.
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