Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 5th November 2013

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Tuesday 5th November 2013: 4.53am. Location: Waterloo, Ontario.

Microsoft rejected my job application today - much the same problem as with Google: lack of apparent analysis ability, and lack of being able to say how other (ie not me) people would go about solving a problem. It was also mentioned that the interviewers couldn't wrap their head around how I think, and therefore couldn't say if it was a good way of thinking about things. All that was enough uncertainty to say no.

I am very grateful to Microsoft for giving me such detailed feedback. It's pretty much what the famous John Lakos at Bloomberg told me too. I guess returning to Europe is now unavoidable, but before we decide for sure we ought to do out a decision matrix regarding moving to the US and waiting out getting a green card. With Obamacare now available it's actually feasible.

Also very bad news about BlackBerry today as they couldn't find a buyer and the consortium who made the only offer withdrew it. Thorsten had to resign, and the share price tumbled to a near historic low. I'd say bankruptcy and all out lack of cash flow induced collapse is now looking like the probable end game for BlackBerry. Sad. My best wishes to my former colleagues.

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