Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 1st July 2013

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Monday 1st July 2013: 7.49am. A long, long day today. Managed to bork the upgrade of my French cloud node resulting in a 3+ hour outage of everything including email until I finally figured out that Debian wheezy didn't like IPv6 config stuff I had added to /etc/network/interfaces that Debian squeeze was perfectly fine with. Lots of other stuff broke too during the upgrade from Proxmox 2.3 to Proxmox 3.0, everything from the intranet VPN right down to being unable to migrate working VMs from the French node to the new Canadian node, plus there was a fairly painful varnish 2.x to varnish 3.x config refactoring. Still, I think it's mostly more or less working now: indeed the French node is vastly snappier now it isn't paging over 1Gb of RAM to swap :) Tomorrow, being Canada Day, will contain what I'd normally do on Sundays - so I guess I've more or less completed what I intended to do for this weekend. Next weekend comes unit test slave buildbots!

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