Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 14th April 2013

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Sunday 14th April 2013: 6.49pm. Finished Mass Effect 3's final DLC, Citadel, last night, and with that the entire game trilogy. Now that was much more like all of the disappointing Mass Effect 3 should have been - beautiful environments, huge attention to detail, plenty of detailed conversation with your crewmates, lots of stuff to interact with in your environment, actual humour ... in order words, the Citadel DLC looked and felt like Mass Effect 2, not the hacky half arsed rush job that was Mass Effect 3. ME3 is still the most inferior of the trilogy, and that DLC shows they could have done so very much better, but in fairness it succeeded in making me not hate EA for ruining the game as much. Which was an unexpected surprise. Still, I can't see myself buying another Mass Effect anything ever again. It was fun while it lasted, but I'd say it's fairly dead in the water now.

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