Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 29th March 2013

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Friday 29th March 2013: 6.55pm. Location: Waterloo, Ontario.

Another weekend of rest for Niall I think. Work leaves you fairly dead inside, the kind of tired which makes you a zombie if you try socialising. If there ever were a profession which could do with shorter work days for its own good, this is one: it doesn't help your productivity, especially in Email centric BlackBerry, if you're too mentally tired to communicate effectively.

All that said, we have a quiet period now for six weeks, so I should get my weekends to rest. Then comes a two day workshop on alternatives to growth at the Briarhurst Institute, followed rapidly by the 2013 C++ Now conference in Colorado, daisy chained to which is Megan's school reunion in Indiana. And that will close out May. So I guess enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

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