Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 22nd March 2013

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Friday 22nd March 2013: 12.47am.

Pulled the trigger on this ugly as sin car yesterday, but the price and feature set was right, costing me $10k including insurance for Megan (I'm not allowed drive in Canada yet, we're waiting on an Ireland-Canada treaty for licence exchange). It's a 2005 Honda Accord with fancy LX trim, 2.4L VTEC 160bhp engine, with 131k on the clock and would have cost about $23k when new. It peaks at 40mpg, which is excellent by North American standards even if about average anywhere else (do bear in mind petrol in Canada is about as expensive as Europe, very much unlike in the US).

The Accord in North America is a different car to the Accord elsewhere in the world, mainly in that it's much bigger and more powerful (ours is their most baby model on sale). It does zero to sixty in 8.2 secs for example: only slightly more than the fastest Volkswagen Golf on the UK market. Anyway, Megan seems to be loving driving it around - if only I knew what it was like myself eh?
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