Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 15th January 2013

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Tuesday 15th January 2013: 11.22pm. Location: Waterloo, Ontario.

Got a new acquisition from eBay today, a stock clearance GBC ShredMaster GSM128 which is GBC's baby shredder for about a third the retail price. Normally I wouldn't bother posting about an acquisition, but this one had me lug it from the UPS store albeit by bus, but even still my coworkers thought it dead funny as I came huffing and puffing carrying the thing which is very not light. Anyway it glows as you can see, and instead of being whiney like most shredders, this one growls like a bear. And it makes elongated 2mm x 7mm confetti, which is why I bought it given how less safe your personal data is in north America compared to Europe. I would have preferred proper confetti, but really couldn't justify the cost, and that size was the smallest I could find for a reasonable price. Anyway if the weight is any guide this thing will last forever.
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