Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 14th October 2012

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Sunday 14th October 2012: 11.14pm. The post-intercontinental relocation adrenaline flow finally broke, so I've just done two lots of 12 hours of sleep plus another two hour nap just there. Just two days now until my M208 Pure Maths exam, and I've been too tired last few days to do any revision so hopefully that's fixed now. Megan got annoyed with me though because I've spent no time with her this weekend, and she has no one to talk to. Not a lot I can do unfortunately. I'm in the office 9am-6pm each day, and after I get home I have just enough time to iron a shirt, have a shower, make a sandwich and go to the toilet before it's time to sleep. I did just get my first pay cheque for my first two weeks - it's more money than I "earned" in 2012 according to my Irish tax return :) though I have been deliberately depressing my 2012 income in order to avail of the "90% worldwide income" clause of the Ireland-Canada double taxation treaty. Availing of that is worth about $8000, possibly $10,000 if I understand the treaty correctly :)

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