Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 7th September 2012

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Friday 7th September 2012: 3.33pm. Location: 43.49814987182617,-80.54002380371094.

Last full day in Canada until the end of the month. Was great to meet my team at RIM at last, turns out I'll be doing a very different role than any I interviewed for which will be interesting. My thanks to Deborah with RIM relocation services who has been patiently driving us around to look at houses, open bank accounts etc. Food and drink have been better here than expected, however we have blown through €2000 this week alone which is a problem as I only have a grand (out of five grand only six weeks ago) left. Worse, I'm going to have to borrow about eight thousand more, maybe ten thousand to make it through the first month end of which is when RIM will repay me. This sucks :(

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